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The Polish Tribology Society

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Polish Tribology Society (PTS)

History of PTS
Polish Tribology Society was established in 1991 as an initiative of the Tribology Committee of Polish Federation of Engineering Associations (PFEA) and the Tribology Section of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS).
Rudiments of tribological activity in Poland originate (descend) from the Lubrication Committee PFEA, organized by Prof. Stefan Ziemba in the beginning of the 1950’s, and the Tribology Section of PAS.
The Founding Committee of the Polish Tribology Society was created by 40 specialists. Nowadays the PTS numbers 250 members.

PTS Mission Statement
To extend the knowledge concerning friction processes and to transfer that knowledge to the community at large.

Constitutional Objectives of PTS

    Integrating the specialists, scientific and technological teams, working in the field of tribology,
    Developing the theory and practice in the field of tribology,
    Developing and spreading the knowledge about friction to the community at large.

Main forms of PTS’ activity

    Organization of congresses, conferences, symposiums and scientific workshops, i.a.:
    Annual Polish Tribological Conference,
    International Tribological Symposium INSYCONT (every 4 years),
    Polish Workshops on Tribology (6 workshops per year),
    International Workshops on Tribology (e.g. Polish-Chinese, Polish-American, Polish-Mexican),
    Publishing activity:
    Polish Journal TRIBOLOGIA,
    Books, monographs in the area of Tribology.
    Information activity:
    e.g. PTS’ website,
    Advancement/promotion activity:
    e.g. the Annual PTS Prize for the Best Monograph on Tribology.
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